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SAN Law Office has been operating in Izmir since 1999. Our team consists of lawyers who have experience in different fields such as real estate project development, zoning law, commercial law, partnership law and labor law. Our law firm provides services in Turkish and English.

We aim to protect the rights of our clients and solve their problems in the best possible way through the fairest and most effective solution. Our lawyers, who have a sense of business ethics within the legal discipline and existing principles of law, are committed to providing the most effective solutions in a wide range of other areas of law in addition to providing bilingual services to their clients. In this direction, it also ensures that litigation and enforcement processes are carried out.

San Law Office continuously improves itself to provide the best legal services to its clients. Our lawyers, who are experts in their fields, closely follow legal developments in this direction and inform their clients of these developments at the same speed.

Our team has adopted several principles in order to provide the fairest and most effective legal services to our clients. These are

  • Client Focused: We always prioritize the problems and needs of our clients.
  • Effective and Result Oriented: It aims to solve the problems and needs of its clients quickly and effectively.
  • Reliable: SAN Law is always transparent to its clients.
  • Innovative: Thanks to our online consulting module, our clients can reach and consult us wherever they are.

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